What is Kinesiology Taping?

WaveWear is a kinesiology taping wear that applied kinesiology taping through a sophisticated mapping system.

Kinesiology tape, also known as kinetic tape, muscle tape, k-tape and elastic therapeutic tape, is a representative sports taping along with athletic tape (compression tape, c-tape), which is applied on certain areas to prevent sprain.

Often times you see professional athletes of all disciplines wearing kinesiology taping. Professional athletes take extreme care of their body as it is their most valuable asset.

In professional sports teams, team doctors take care and support the athletes and thus these athletes can easily benefit from the kinesiology taping.

You can apply kinesiology taping by visiting a physical therapist.

Physical therapy and kinesiology taping is similar to each other as they both act on the human body directly.

Nowadays you can easily purchase kinesiology tapes in malls, drug stores and online, and once you apply these tapes it becomes ‘kinesiology taping’.

Scientific papers about kinesiology taping's effect and methods has been and is continuously being published, and is studied by scientists worldwide.

For these reasons, many attempts have been made to mimic the kinesiology taping effect in other products, but none of them can accurately mimic the kinesiology taping effect as close as WaveWear.

What is kinesiology taping and what are the effects? Let's take a look.

Left) WaveWear Right)Kinesiology Taping

Left) WaveWear Right)Kinesiology Taping

Principle of Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping aims to prevent injury by reducing burden to muscles and joints.


Unlike compression tape (aka C-tape) which is not elastic and is rolled around certain area to prevent sprain, kinesiology tape has an elastic property and has wave-shaped adhesive underneath to support muscles and joints.

Elastic and adhesive, kinesiology tape acts onto the human skin, muscle and joints to support blood and lymph flow inside the body.

First started out in Japan, Kinesiology taping method is used all over the globe.

Stabilizing Effect of the Joints

Joint injury can occur when muscles around the joints tense under pressure.

But, Kinesiology taping can ease the tension of the muscles to effectively stabilize the joints and prevent injury as well as improve posture.

Reduce Muscle Pain

Many people in countries like the US and the EU are using kinesiology taping that physically acts on the body to reduce pain instead of traditional painkillers.

When kinesiology taping is applied to painful area, the tape prevents the muscles from hyper/hypo-extension and thus effectively reduce pain.

Another theory hypothesizes that the muscle taping (kinesiology taping) increases the distance between the muscle and the nerves to reduce pain.

Assist Muscle Function to Prevent Secondary Injury

Some hypothesize that kinesiology taping's elastic property and the wave-shaped adhesive stimulates the muscles to return to its original state and prevent secondary injury.

WaveWear's inner bio-silicone lining is wave-shaped to closely mimic the kinesiology taping effect and is economic as it can be reused over and over.

Increase Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage,

Reduce Swelling and Muscle Fatigue

Inner wave-shaped adhesive of the kinesiology tape lifts up the skin and muscles to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the applied area. This reduces swelling and muscle fatigue. 

WaveWear can mimic this same effect and has passed a strict national official testing (KOLAS, No. 1 International Official Testing Center of FITI Research Institute) to show a maximum of 35% decrease in lactic acid (muscle fatigue).


오랜시간 동안 서있거나 앉아있는 직업을 갖춘 현대인들에게도 많이 사랑받고 있는 테이핑 요법이지만, 아직 테이핑 요법을 경험해보진 못한 일반인들에게는 여전히 생소하기도 하여 더 알려야하는 부분이 있습니다.

그 외에도 인터넷의 발달과 보급으로 그 밖에 많은 키네시오 테이핑 정보를 인터넷에서 찾을 수도 있고 지속적으로 이요법과 효과와 관련한 많은 논문들도 꾸준히 나오고 있으며 적용시 즉각적인 효과로 스포츠닥터, 테라피스트, 물리치료사, 국내같은 경우는 요즘 한의원에서도 자세가 안좋은 현대인들에게도 사용해준다고도 합니다.

하지만 바쁜 현대인들이 항상 이런 전문가들의 효과를 받을 수 있다면 좋겠지만 어렵겠지요.

또한 이렇게 각광 받을 만한 효과에도 과로한 일정과 일에 지친 마음으로 테이핑을 하는데 어려움을 얘기하시는 분들이 계십니다.

웨이브웨어는 이 키네시오 테이핑을 단지 옷을 간단히 입는 것처럼, 키네시올로지 테이핑을 입자! 라는 아이디어에서 착안해서 만든 '키네시올로지 테이핑 웨어(kinesiology taping wear, WaveWear)'입니다.