Shipping & delivery 

■ At Wave Wear, you always have the option of free shipping when your purchase exceeds 100$ or equivalent. 

Please note that local postal service providers may have limited opportunities for delivery, affecting your shipping time. 

Below, you’ll find a list of the shipping methods that Wave Wear provides. 

Please note that beyond the shipping time listed here, another 1-2 days might be added in your delivery time 

to allow for our storage facility to prepare your order. 

All delivery times are listed in standard working days. 

 Inside of South Korea, all packages are sent with CJ Logistics (1-3 business days).

Outside of South Korea, we offer the following options. Delivery times may vary outside of Korea.

K-packet (7-20 business days) Trackable.

Fedex Economy (4-6 business days)

Fedex Express (2-4 business days)

  As soon as your order leaves our storage facility, you will receive a confirmation email, containing a tracking link (if applicable). 

Each completed and approved order will automatically generate an order confirmation. 

The most common reason for not receiving an order confirmation is accidentally entering an incorrect email address,

or the confirmation automatically being sorted into the Spam folder. Please contact us ( 

if you haven't received an order confirmation, we will help you right away.

  Important note: Remember to retrieve your package in time.

When delivering outside of South Korea, the customer is responsible for any costs added to the order upon entry in the country, such as customs and VAT.



Korea Post's K- Packet  

Dear customers, we would like to introduce new shipping method, Korea Post's 'Small Packet'.

Korean Postal Service introduced the 'Small Packet' as an intermediate shipping method
between EMS and international registered mail.


'Small Packet' includes a tracking number, with a delivery window that is faster than international registered mail but not as fast as EMS.

The shipping fee varies according to the package’s weight. Please refer to the shipping fee table below.


Fee Table  

Rate Table for Airmail Small Packet 


For more details, please go here for the Korea Post.

Weight Range
Postage Rates by Zone (in KRW)
AustraliaBrazilCanadaChinaFranceGermanyHong KongIndonesia
Up to 1004,6705,0105,3304,2205,5105,1404,1604,680
Up to 2006,0806,5106,9605,3307,1806,7005,2505,800
Up to 3007,5008,0208,5806,4308,8508,2706,3406,910
Up to 4008,9209,52010,2007,54010,5309,8307,4208,030
Up to 50010,36011,02011,8408,67012,22011,4108,5409,150
Up to 60011,46012,39013,1009,55013,52012,6309,41010,210
Up to 70012,56013,77014,36010,43014,82013,84010,28011,270
Up to 80013,66015,14015,62011,32016,12015,05011,14012,330
Up to 90014,77016,52016,88012,20017,42016,27012,01013,390
Up to 1,00015,89017,91018,16013,09018,75017,50012,89014,450
Up to 1,10016,91019,73019,98013,87019,71018,45013,66015,650
Up to 1,20017,93021,55021,80014,65020,67019,40014,43016,850
Up to 1,30018,95023,37023,62015,43021,63020,35015,20017,500
Up to 1,40019,97025,19025,44016,21022,59021,30015,96018,210
Up to 1,50020,99027,00027,25017,03023,55022,25016,77018,930
Up to 1,60022,01028,63028,30017,49024,51023,20017,23019,640
Up to 1,70023,03030,27029,35017,96025,47024,15017,69020,360
Up to 1,80024,05031,90030,40018,43026,43025,10018,15021,070
Up to 1,90025,07033,53031,45018,89027,39026,05018,61021,790
Up to 2,00026,09035,16032,50019,39028,35027,00019,10022,500

Weight Range
Postage Rates by Zone (in KRW)
JapanMalaysia New Zealand Philippines Russia Singapore SpainTaiwan
Up to 1004,1704,8804,5104,4805,4004,7105,4304,120
Up to 2005,2606,0405,8905,5507,0405,8307,0805,200
Up to 3006,3607,2107,2606,6208,6806,9608,7306,280
Up to 4007,4508,3808,6307,69010,3208,09010,3807,350
Up to 5008,5709,54010,0208,76011,9909,21012,0608,460
Up to 6009,44010,65011,0909,77013,26010,28013,3409,320
Up to 70010,31011,75012,15010,79014,54011,34014,62010,180
Up to 80011,18012,86013,22011,80015,8102,41015,90011,040
Up to 90012,05013,96014,29012,82017,09013,48017,18011,900
Up to 1,00012,93015,07015,37013,83018,39014,54018,49012,770
Up to 1,10013,70015,95016,91014,98020,23015,75019,63013,530
Up to 1,20014,47016,83018,45016,13022,07016,96020,77014,290
Up to 1,30015,24017,71019,99017,27023,91017,16021,91015,050
Up to 1,40016,01018,59021,53018,42025,75018,00023,05015,810
Up to 1,50016,82019,47023,06019,58027,59018,50024,19016,620
Up to 1,60017,28020,35024,44020,46029,23019,50025,33017,070
Up to 1,70017,74021,23025,81021,34030,87020,00026,47017,520
Up to 1,80018,20022,11027,18022,22032,52021,00027,31017,980
Up to 1,90018,67022,99028,55023,10034,16022,00028,27018,430
Up to 2,00019,16023,87029,96023,98035,84023,00029,17018,920

Weight Range
Postage Rates by Zone (in KRW)
ThailandUnited KingdomUnite StatesVietnamZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
Up to 1004,6205,1704,7504,2104,1704,6804,8705,070
Up to 2005,7206,7406,1904,8405,2605,8006,3506,590
Up to 3006,8308,3007,6305,4706,3506,9207,8308,110
Up to 4007,9309,8709,0806,1007,4408,0409,3109,630
Up to 5009,04011,47010,5406,7308,5609,16010,81011,150
Up to 60010,09012,69011,6607,3609,43010,22011,96012,540
Up to 70011,13013,91012,7807,99010,30011,28013,11013,930
Up to 80012,18015,12013,9008,62011,17012,34014,26015,320
Up to 90013,22016,34015,0209,25011,61013,40015,41016,710
Up to 1,00014,27017,59016,1609,88012,05014,46016,25018,120
Up to 1,10015,46019,09017,78010,51012,49015,66017,63019,960
Up to 1,20016,64020,59019,40011,14012,93016,86018,74021,800
Up to 1,30017,37022,09021,02011,77013,37018,06019,85023,640
Up to 1,40018,10023,59022,63012,40013,81019,26020,96025,480
Up to 1,50018,83025,09024,25013,03014,25020,47022,07027,320
Up to 1,60019,57026,59025,70013,66014,69021,67023,18028,970
Up to 1,70020,30028,09027,14014,26015,13022,87024,29030,620
Up to 1,80021,00029,59028,58014,92015,57024,07025,40032,270
Up to 1,90021,80031,09030,02015,55016,01025,27026,51033,920
Up to 2,00022,50032,59031,51016,18016,45026,47027,62035,570

* Please refer to the page for country list of delivery zone. 


By Country
(By Country)
Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Unite States, Vietnam
Zone 1
Zone 2
South East Asia
Bangladesh, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, East Timor, Laos, Mongolia
Zone 3
Western Europe
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands mainland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, etc.
Eastern Europe
Rumania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Former Soviet Union, etc.
Middle East
Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, etc.
Papua New Guinea, Guam, Saipan, etc.
Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.
Zone 4
Egypt, Kenya, Libya, etc.
Latin America
Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, etc.
West Indies
Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, etc.
South Pacific
Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Samoa, etc.

 For more details such as on mailing, customs clearance, mail item tracking, each country’s terms & conditions, delivery, please visit our EMS webpage, or contact our call center +82 1588 1300. 

※ “Price Zone" below is the classification by pricing and does not necessarily indicate service availability for the country. Therefore, please be advised that service availability for each destination needs to be checked first with local post offices prior to visit. 


■ You have the right to return your purchase until 14 days after receiving your order, provided you have not used the product and that it is returned in an undamaged condition. 

When returning the product you must provide the cost of shipping. You may choose a method of shipping of your choice, or email to receive a return form for 5 USD (only valid in Korea), regardless of the size or weight of the package. The cost of the return form will be subtracted from the value of the order in your refund.  

  If you’re shopping from a country other than Korea you must pay the cost of shipping yourself in case of returns or exchanges, with the exception of mis-deliveries or any damages upon delivery.


  When handling returns, we apply the Korean Consumer Sales Act of Korea. 

■ If you want to return your order, first send and email to including the word “return” in the subject line, describing what you want to return. 

Place a note with your order number, your name, and reason for returning in the package and send it to:


#713 DMC High-Tech Industry Center

330, Seongam-ro, Mapo-gu

Seoul, South Korea (zip 03920)

When we have received your return and it is approved, the money will be returned to your account as soon as possible. 




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