Experience the power of sports taping within seconds.

Easy to Perform and Heal
WaveWear is a highly functional performance wear developed over many years of R&D to apply ‘kinesiology taping (sports taping)’ via human-body mapped pattern system.

Provides comfortable, refreshing and light usability. Comfortable fit without excessive compression while providing the same kinesiology taping effect and support, WaveWear combines the best of both worlds (compression wear and kinesiology taping) without compromising the mobility of the body parts.

 WaveWear is a high performance performance wear with various functions by developing BWAS™ (Bio Waved Adhesive Silicone) that implements kinesiology taping(Sports Taping) through years of research and development, and applying it as a human mapping pattern system.
wavewear Leggings Y10 (Navy)
One of the best effects is that it reduces lactic acid
, which induces the muscle fatigue,
maximum 35% in clinical or trial tested
by reducing muscle vibration very effectively.
Injury Prevention

Adhesive Bio-Silicone supports muscle and joints to prevent injury whilst remaining comfortable.

Endurance Increase

Nationally certified medical testing proves the recovery effect of WaveWear through reduced lactic acid production.
FITI National Testing Report shows that WaveWear have the greatest decrease in lactic acid levels (35% decrease compared to controls), indicating significantly less muscle fatigue.

Optimal Compression

Designed to maximize user comfort, WaveWear provides the minimum amount of optimal compression to reduce discomfort and maximize blood flow.
Provide optimal compression to needed areas via providing optimal >4kpa pressure, which results in comfortable fit without stressing the body.

Bio Adhesive Waved Silicone
World’s first BWAS™ silicone adheres directly onto the skin and acts on muscles and joints to achieve hassle-free kinesiology muscle taping effect.
Semi-Permanent Usage

BWAS™ can be easily washed with water to restore its adhesiveness (use an alcohol wipe for better results) WaveWear’s Bio-adhesive silicone has passed the official washing test and is semi-permanent adhesive taping wear washable for many cycles of washing. (KTR)

Non-Toxic Silicone

BWAS™ is made of safe medical-grade silicone that is tested for skin irritation and cell toxicity. WaveWear’s patented, safe Bio-adhesive silicone technology was developed over many years of R&D and is tested for skin irritation and cell toxicity. (KATRI)

No Residue

BWAS™ leaves no residue on the skin after usage.

Use for tapping mapping

BWAS™ is applied to WaveWare products through taping mapping considering body standard deviation.

Ulimate Functional Fabric
WaveWear’s functional fabric has multiple functions to provide users to be comfortable and refreshing in all environments.

Applying BWAS™ allowed 82mm/s breathability (similar breathability to cotton), which provides refreshing usability. WaveWear fabric was verified by the Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) to have 82mm/s breathability to provide refreshing usability.

UV Block

UV rating of UV50+ (99.9%) protects the user’s skin condition and age from strong radiation during outdoor activities.
WaveWear fabric was verified by the Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) to block 99.9% of UV (UV50+) to protect wearer's skin from harmful UV radiation.

Multi- directional Stretch

Unlike other fabrics that stretch one or two ways, WaveWear’s fabric stretches 4 ways to conform to the user’s movements and provide enhanced mobility and comfort.

Lightweight material

Light and soft fabric made of lightweight material makes WaveWear comfortable to wear.

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