Electronic Silicone
  • Type : Fabric combined
  • Thickness / Tension : 0.3mm / Up to 400%
  • Conductivity : < 10Ω
  • Washing / Durability : Washable
Elecsil™ A

High conductivity: Metal material based
Direct printing on the fabric: Makes the process simple and the production easy
Durability: Stays in washing
Tension: Stretchable
Material of Smart Apparels: used as electrode and wire
Strong traction at skin: Works and lasts longer than disposable hydrogel electrodes but thinner than carbon rubber electrodes

Elecsil™ B

Carbon based with acid resistance
Skin contact between PDMS and carbon black is harmless to human body and is commonly used as carbon rubber electrode pad.
Comparing to conventional carbon electrode pads, skin contact is excellent due to slim thickness with soft hardness and also skin adhesion.
Applied by coating, it reduces skin contact resistance which improves function.

ICT-XR Apparel Using Conductive Electrodes
High conductivity below 10Ω
Easy to wear, Durable, Washable, reusable, skin friendly
Competitive price due to raw materials and process.
Manufacturing process available with usual facility in common facteries
ElecSil expected to be involved in various industries, that can be used for ICT, XR (VR, AR, MR), medical smart clothing, and daily wearable devices
XR Apparel That Feels VR
XR Haptic Smart Apparel
Platform that can deliver diverse senses through the development of smart clothing that feels virtual touch in virtual reality (VR / AR / MR). Can be connected to various contents such as game, video, commercial, manufacturing, medical and education.
Detachable wearable device
Device conducts electric stimulation and temperature control according to tactile signal in contents

Clothing-type electrical stimulation technology through conductive ElecSil
Electrical stimulation of biceps, deltoid muscles, abdomen and back according to tactile sense

Temperature control technology of specific parts with flexible Peltier element attached to clothing
Installed in the blue area to feel temperature in VR

Linked technology with application and contents

Product Structure
Available Contents


Game : PC/ console game, mobile game, etc.

Theme Park : Roler coaster, 4D Simulator, etc.


E-Learning : Educational contents such as pop-up books

Training : Military Operations Training, Vocational Training


Broadcast : Virtual studio, drama VR contents production, sports broadcast, concert live performance, etc.

Advertising : Virtual advertising system, exhibition hall virtual experience, etc.


Automobile : Virtual test, design and design, autonomous driving experience, etc.

Aviation : Virtual training on wiring assembly, painting process, in-flight service, etc.

Miscellaneous : Obtain complex machine assembly, AS information


Surgery field : Surgery education, advanced surgery training, etc.

Neuropsychiatry : Virtual Simulation Mental Behavior Therapy

Imaging Diagnostics : CG application including 3D virtual colonoscopy

Rehabilitation Medicine : Simulation training for rehabilitation

Healthcare field : Remote medicine, Remote fitness, etc.

Other field : 3D realization of patient information through sensors such as MRI and CT


Movie : Tech-Film

Navigation : 3D virtual path, realistic image based realistic navigation

Drones : first person cast (FPV) video, e-sports, etc.

Real estate : virtual model houses, real estate video, etc.

VR Haptic Gloves S-IDEA 2018 Grand Prise

 VR haptic gloves concept design


TYPE A is a design that satisfies the conditions suggested by Wave Company. It is a method of wearing the Glove after connecting the strap directly to the module part like a smart watch.
Structure is made so that strap can be replaced easily, and module of simple and soft form is constructed. Glove Form is maintained by using PU material for easy wearing while securing elasticity of material used for VR Glove.
The way the signal and electricity flow is expressed in Blue Color of Wave Company, and the Module and Glove are connected to 4 terminals, and the wer and operation buttons are placed on the front of the module, and the USB port is arranged on the rear, and the upper part is LED to the 'Wave Company'parts.
EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Apparel

Product Diagram
Massage biceps, deltoids muscles, abdomen and lumbar back muscles
Commercialization ongoing as developing ElecSil™ and EMS electric stimulator
EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Neck Pillow
Massage effect with electric stimulation on back neck
Maximize portability by using mobile phone as the battery
Ideal for long trips
Minimized skin pain due to electrical stimulation
Due to the skin contact impedance of 40% compared to the commercial hydrogel electrode

Skin Contact Impedance Comparison
EMS pillow line-up

EMS Cervical pillow

EMS Shoulder pillow

EMS Back pillow

EMS leg pillow

Clothing Electrode Performance Evaluation Of Elecsil™
NO. Subject Tolerance
1 10 Hz impedance average of 12 electrode pairs < 2kΩ
10 Hz impedance average of 12 electrode pairs < 3kΩ
2 DC offset voltage (n=12) < 100 mV
3 Combined offset instability and internal noise < 150 ㎶
4 Defibrillation overload recovery (polarization potential) < 100 mV
Rate of change of polarization Potential < 1mV/sec
After test, 10Hz electrode impedance < 3kΩ
5 Bias current tolerance < 100 mV

Meets all ANSI / AAMI EC12: 2000 standards for ECG disposable hydrogel electrodes.

Reusable ElecSil ™: Disposable electrode performance levels exceed the limits of 

ECG electrode standard ANSI / AAMI EC12: 2000

<ANSI / AAMI EC12 : 2000 Medical Electrode Test Items>

Used for medical electrodes
Passed 100% of ECG Electrode Specification