Wearable Kinesiology Tape
2017 Australia ACC Properties
of double layered silicone
for a wearable kinesiology


This study indicates that
multi-function silicone can be adhered to wearable fabric
as kinesiology taping application,
that it can adhere to skin and deliver effects.
Wearing Compression Clothing with EMS
The Effects of Wearing
Compression Clothing
with EMS(Electronic Muscle Stimulation) on Muscle Activities


Clinical Trial with EMS Compressive Clothing
with ElecSil™ applied.
Compression clothing combining EMS is shown to be effective in isokinetic muscular strength,
and muscle activity in sports performance of ordinary people and athletes
Wearable Elecsil™ (Electronic Bio Silicone)
2018 Information and Control Symposium,
Wearable Electrodes Using ICS Conductive Silicone

ECG garment fabrication with ElecSil ™
ECG measurement of the small animal “rat” was possible
Used Elecsil Electrode

Electrocargdiogram comparison of small rat

Using Ag-AgCl Electrode

With Elecsil electrodes