Healthily and Naturally

Soft, supportive, and comfortable with inherent natural strength and fitness.

All the way back to 2010, Wave Company founder Nancy Cho with Lee were selling
sports medicine products such as sports tape and supporters,
when they realized if there could be something easier and sustainable.

Kinesiology tape worked great, but had difficulties to exactly adjust to the body by one-self, needed education and could be used only once.

Since there were various methods and effects depending on each body parts, they also wanted to solve this simple. So they came up with the idea combining kinesiology taping with compression wear into one unified product.

We call this Wave Wear, which means wearing the ‘waved shaped’ taping inside the clothing.

Also Nancy felt too strong compression was uncomfy and affected blood flow, we gave the compression only as we needed.

Physical therapy and kinesiology taping is similar to each other as they both act on the human body directly.

Nowadays you can easily purchase kinesiology tapes in malls, drug stores and online, and once you apply these tapes it becomes ‘kinesiology taping’.

Scientific papers about kinesiology taping's effect and methods has been

and is continuously being published, and is studied by scientists worldwide.



2010 ~ 2020

We created WaveWear through years of research and trial and error.
I will continue to do my best to help you enjoy exercise.