[News]WaveWear successful testimonial with Wei Chuan Dragons Baseball Team!

23 Sep 2020

WaveWear successful testimonial

 with Wei Chuan Dragons Baseball Team            

A new sportswear with bio-silicone technology

 that increases endurance and supports the body with kinesiology taping technology.

Wave Wear based in Korea and

 the Taiwanese Wei Chuan Dragons Professional Baseball Team 

had partnered up on a testimonial project during last June 2020
 with the support of HYPE SPIN Accelerator Taiwan. 

All of the Dragons Baseball Team players have participated in the testimonial

 with the WaveWear E1 and E2 elbow sleeves, K2 knee sleeves 

and the new L20 men tights revealing this year.

Photo: The players are using E1, E2 Elbow sleeve

The players said “I feel good, better”, 

“Comfortable and very breathable.” 

“Looking forward for more tights” 

and cheered the new revolutional sports wear.

The Wei Chuan Dragons are a professional baseball team 

in Taiwan's Chinese Professional Baseball League as the four started baseball team 

also one of the most popular in the league.

Though there is a reason they are absent with multiple years. 

But with the fans continually supporting the spirit of Dragons's founder ,

Wei-In Chuang, also the charity support  

with Ting Hsin Group make the Dragons back in 2019 to be the fifth team of CPBL.

After return to the league Wei uphold three vision 

"New Height,New spotlight,New technology"

for to make the Taiwan players could have a world class field to show 

their talent and make them stronger.

“It was very meaningful for us to test with the Wei Chuan Dragons. 

The players feedback is helping and it will lead us to develop better apparels in the future. 

Special thanks to Cory of the Dragons, 

who checked with all of the players to make sure all feedback was gathered. 

Also thanks to Rita and John in Hype, who kept on making sure everything is on the track.”

 Nancy Cho, the founder of Wave Company remarked.

The WaveWear is the combination of 

compression performance wear and kinesiology taping. 

The bio-adhesive waved silicone, 

or BWAS is built in the sportswear. 

BWAS adheres directly onto the skin and acts on muscles 

and joints to provide hassle-free kinesiology taping effect.

 Ergonomically designed pattern gives comfort to the apparel.

This year WaveWear has launched the new E2 Elbow sleeve, 

which is shorter than the previous E1 Elbow sleeve 

but has improved compression.

 It was launched from the Korean crowdfunding Wadiz, 

and this E2 was the most loved sleeves among Dragons players.

“This year we finally launched the apparels through Kickstarter. 

It took years to develop the WaveWear technology,

 but it was always the apparel I wanted to make that is comfortable 

and makes me feel lighter and secures my body safe in activities.

 And also the users always asked for WaveWear apparels.”

Based in clinical trials, WaveWear reduces muscle fatigue as much as 35% 

that is pretty effective in especially increasing endurance. 

After producing the line up of basic apparel such as the leggings, t-shirts, sleeveless

 and short pants that works effective to anyone who goes for playing, 

WaveWear’s plan is to make specialized products for cycling, swimming, triathlon and more specialized area products which are based on customer requests.

Because of this WaveWear also discovered great possibilities in Taiwan and looking for a nice Taiwan distributor who could provide WaveWear to Taiwan athletes. ” Nancy said.


For more information check out WaveWear’s website https://wavewear.net

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