How Can We Make a 'Better' Performance Wear?

Performance Wear + Kinesiology Taping =  WAVEWEAR

Performance Wear & Kinesiology Combined

WaveWear is a revolutionary sports taping wear brand that combines

performance wear and kinesiology taping (muslce taping, sports taping),

developed through years of R&D

‘WaveWear’ was developed through 6+ years of R&D by the Wave Company, which constantly invests 15% of its sales revenue into R&D. In order to constantly develop better technology, the Wave company partners with multiple prominent medical, new material and chemical engineering universities in Seoul, South Korea and employs over 30% of its staffs as researchers.

WaveWear is a product born out of dozens of patents, papers and testing from Korea, the US, Japan and the EU.

Currently, WaveWear successfully developed and mass produced its first kinesiology taping wear with adhesive bio-silicone, and is constantly expanding its product line-up. Wave Company has also developed an EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) suit prototype with its conductive bio-silicone technology, and is now preparing it for mass production.


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We develop novel products that enhance athletic ability, conduct electricity and release medicine using various silicone materials.

Wave Company distributes various sports products in Korea, with cooperation with numerous international sports brands.