WaveWear Exclusive BWAS™ Technology

Bio-Waved Adhesive Silicone 

This special silicone is made of medical grade material and was developed over 6 years of R&D to realize the kinesiology taping (sports taping) effect.

This special silicone is non-toxic, remains its adhesiveness when dry, leaves no residue and elastic. It was specially designed in wave-shaped to more effectively attach to the human skin and to remain breathable (because our skin is precious!). Also, WSF™( Wave's Silicone with Fabric) technology allows the silicone to naturally interlocks into the seams of the fabric and provide extra durability.

Unlike commercial tapes and sticker adhesives, BWAS retains its adhesiveness even after multiple uses. This not only makes the BWAS™ economical, but also environmentally friendly as it can potentially reduce single-use tape usage.

1) Semi-Permanent Adhesiveness

WaveWear's patented BWAS™ technology is permanent and comfortable.

Its property is soft and elastic like the human skin and was designed to closely align with and conform to the skin.

2) Washable & Reusable Adhesiveness

Unlike other adhesives, BWAS™'s adhesiveness increases after washing.

BWAS™'s adhesiveness returns to its original state as dust and skin particles are washed off.

Simple wash it over running water. For a more thorough cleaning, use an alcohol wipe. 

3) Elastic & Durable

BWAS™ is elastic and can be used comfortably during extended usage time.

4) Skin-Friendly & No Residue

BWAS™ is non-toxic as it is made out of medical grade material.

Even after usage, it leaves no sticky residue on the skin.

5) Optimal Compression and Adhesiveness

Unique silicone thickness design physically attaches and compresses the skin to provide comfortable usability.

6) Waved Pattern

Waved pattern enables the WSF to adhere to the human skin more effectively while maximizing the breathability of the fabric.